For Honor: Best Heroes For Every PlayStyle

In For Honor, players have a wide variety of heroes to choose from. These heroes, or characters, have different attacks and different attributes/abilities. Some heroes are agile and quick, while some are a little sluggish but pack a mean punch.

There is a hero that caters to everyone’s playstyle. This guide will showcase some of the best heroes from every category, and will help you choose the best one for your playstyle.

Best Hero For Beginners In For Honor:

If you are a player who did not get a chance to play the For Honor Beta, then we have a hero for you. You can use the hero known as the Warden to learn the basics of the game. This is a very easy hero overall. With this hero, you will learn one of the most important features in For Honor, known as the Guard Break.

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While playing the Warden, a Guard break will give you the opportunity to land two consecutive hits which can inflict some significant damage. This is due to one of the main abilities of the Warden, which allows you to land a guaranteed second light attack, after landing the first one.

The Warden has a unique ability called the Shoulder Bash. This ability stuns the enemy, allowing the Warden to land some light attacks without having to worry about the enemy blocking his attacks. This paired with the Warden’s ability to land consecutive attacks, will do tons of damage to an enemy. The Shoulder Bash can also be canceled, so you can cancel it whenever you want and keep the opponent guessing.

Another ability that the Warden has is the Crushing Counterstrike. This allows the Warden to immediately parry any high attacks. With all these abilities at your disposal, you can easily grasp all the aspects of For Honor, allowing you to learn the basics of the game.

Best Agility Heroes In For Honor:

There are heroes of different types in For Honor. While playing the game, players can try out all the heroes. If you are a player who like to move around the map and dive in and out of battle, the agility heroes are just what you are looking for. The two heroes known as Peacekeeper and Berserker are ideal heroes for players who prefer fast and agile heroes .


An amazing heroes that is great at evading and dodging attacks. The Berserker is designed for close-quarter combat, allowing players to land consecutive hits on their enemy before they can even react. The main ability of the Berserker is the Dance of the Paired Blades. If the Berserker manages to land four consecutive hits on the enemy, he will automatically follow them up with a fifth attack.


Similar to the Berserker, the Peacekeeper is another close-quarter combat hero which has a unique move, Dash Thrust, that allows her to close the gap between herself and her enemy. The main attribute of the Peacekeeper is to inflict the bleeding effect on enemies.

This effect causes the enemy to lose health over time. The Peacekeeper has several attacks that cause the Bleed effect so a little practice is required to play the hero more efficiently.

Best Offensive Hero In For Honor:

The best heroes can only be determined through a player’s playstyle, however, the hero known as the Raider is a favorite for any player who has an aggressive playstyle.

As the Raider, your main goal is to land successful Guard Breaks, which will set up Stampede Charge attack that deals a lot of damage. The Stampede Charge is a very useful attack that can stun if you are able to Stampede Charge an enemy into a wall. The stunned enemy is defenseless and you will be able to land a few hits, which can give you the upper hand in battle.

Best Defensive Hero In For Honor:

In For Honor, defence is just as important as offense. The Warlord is the perfect hero for defensive players. Warlord has the ability to block multiple attacks without any problems. His abilities allow him to block enemy attacks, which are followed up with a stab which can deal some significant damage.

This hero is great for players who have just picked up the game. In For Honor, in order to block your enemy’s attacks, you must block in the direction they are attacking from, however, while playing the Warlock, you do not have to worry about that. The Warlord has the ability to block all attacks, regardless of which direction they are coming from. But they are not immune to the Guard break, so keep that in mind.

The Warlord also have the ability which allows him to use his heavy attacks, without having to worry about them being interrupted. This allows them to have some offensive capabilities as well.

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Hopefully this guide helped you choose the best hero for your playstyle. There are several heroes in For Honor, and every hero has their own unique abilities which can be very useful in battle. Some heroes have the upper hand against other heroes, so choosing heroes accordingly is important.

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