For Honor Guide: How To Perform The Feint Attack

For Honor has a very unique combat system which requires practice, as it is unlike any other game out there. There are several techniques and moves you can use to win your battles. One of these techniques is known as the Feint attack.

Feint is a fake attack that confuses your enemy. You pretend to attack from one direction but land your attack from another. This is a great way to catch your opponent off guard and deal some damage, however, this attack has a downside.

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How To Perform The Feint Attack In For Honor:

Before you start using the Feint attack in the multiplayer mode, it is a good idea to practice it in the Story mode. This attack will give you a huge advantage in battles, as it will keep your opponent guessing.

To Feint attack, you must perform a Heavy Attack and cancel it using the cancel button. This stops you immediately and you go back to your stance. The Heavy attack is slow and takes time to charge up, during this charge time, you have the opportunity to cancel your attack and follow it up with another attack from a different angle.

In For Honor, dealing any amount of damage can be advantageous, and can give you the upper hard.

Character-Specific Feint Attacks:

Character-Specific Feint Attacks are attacks that are exclusively available for a hero. Characters like Berserker, Raider, etc have Feint attacks that are built into their move set. These Feint attacks are fast and hard to evade or block. Similar to the Normal Feint Attack, the Character-Specific attacks will require practice to master.

As mentioned earlier, the Feint Attack has a downside to it. When executing a feint attack, you are defenseless. This is another reason why you must master the Feint attack and get the timing down. The Feint Attacks are high risk, high reward attacks so use them wisely.

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Hopefully this For Honor guide helped you get a better understanding of the Feint Attack. This will win you battles, and mastering it will give you a huge advantage.

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