For Honor Guide: How To Perform And Unlock Executions

There are tons of different skills and techniques you can use in For Honor. One of these skills is known as Execution. Executions are brutal final attacks that finish off the enemy.

Aside from looking badass, Executions have other benefits that can help you win fights. This guide will teach you how to perform an Execution, as well as all the benefits and disadvantages of an Execution. Along with that, we will also show you how you can unlock additional Executions.

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How To Perform An Execution In For Honor:

Executions are quite easy to perform. In order to execute your enemy, you must first lower your enemy’s health. Once your enemy is low, land a Heavy Attack and your hero will perform the Execution.

Benefits of Execution:

There are many benefits of performing an Execution, and there is a strategic element to it. When you execute an enemy, you get bonus Renown and points for it. Alongside the Renown and Points, you also regain a portion of your health, and the respawn time of the executed enemy also increases.

The respawn timer of the enemy increases by 3 seconds in the game mode known as Dominion. The executed enemy can not be revived either, so executions can give your team a big advantage.

With several benefits of performing an execution, there is also a disadvantage. While you perform an execution, you are completely vulnerable. Performing an execution can give another enemy the opportunity to attack you. Being attacked interrupts your execution and you will take damage from the attack.

How To Unlock New Executions:

Every character in the game starts off with two different Executions, however, you can unlock new executions by using the in-game currency known as Renown. To unlock new executions, go to the Customization Menu for a character you have unlocked.

Go into the Abilities tab and enter executions. Here you can preview the Executions and purchase the one you like, for 5000 Renown. You can reassign your Executions in this menu as well.

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Hopefully this guide helped you learn how to perform and unlock executions, as well as all the benefits of an execution. For Honor is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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