For Honor Marching Fire Review (PS4)

For Honor was always a unique fighting game that took sword fighting to a whole new level. It was unfortunately stuck with a terrible launch but gradually improved with each post-launch update. It has been a while since For Honor’s release so the new Marching Fire expansion feels more like For Honor 1.5 that adds a new faction and makes several important changes to the game. There are many little changes made with this DLC, and the release of the expansion coincides with a major update that overhauls the visuals as well.

The latest addition to For Honor with Marching Fire includes an entirely new faction called Wu Lin. Four original heroes are now playable as part of this expansion. Ubisoft has given the new expansion a complete Eastern-themed look which is a major focus for the new faction. There is an original Arcade mode, fresh PvP mode called Breach, both of which bring in different ways to experience the game.

First up is the Shaolin class that are the masters of handling their staff. They are agile and quick with their moves and offer an athletic movement set. Next, we have the Tiandi soldiers who are the master of a weapon called dao blade. The focus shifts to a higher rank and more experienced fighters with Jiang Jun. They are the generals who wisely move around in each battle and prefer the guandao weapon. Lastly, we have Nuxia, a group of quick assassins who work fast with their hook swords.

Even if enough time has passed since the release of For Honor, the game maintains its original spirit pretty much the same. There are no major gameplay improvements with this expansion aside from the new additions that I have already talked about earlier in the review. So what exactly is in the two new gameplay modes? Arcade mode is the oddest one out of all the new features that are a part of this expansion. It is more suited for those who want to test their abilities with some challenges and modifier that affect the outcome of each battle.

Breach mode is more suited for the online multiplayer aspects of For Honor. It lets you pick from a party of two where one has to safeguard a castle while the other party has to breach it. This can take a turn for some thrilling battles online, especially if you are the one who is trying to breach the castle. As an attacker, you will use a battering ram to siege a well-fortified castle. The action feels rather intense, and the stakes are a lot higher in this mode. The fighting system coupled with the PvP approach gives this a refreshing change of pace. It is something that I could see myself playing more with the expansion.

While Breach mode is more geared towards those who want to play together, Arcade is for those who prefer a Solo experience. You can rank up your heroes here and experiment with the gameplay before taking them online, so it also serves as a good training mode. This is the perfect mode to use for testing out the new faction. Technically, there is an immense replay value offered here unless you feel bored with the combat.

Now, this brings me to the biggest issue that I had with the DLC, which is the asking price for it. First of all, Arcade mode is something that could have worked great as a free content update because it feels so integral to the game. It lets newcomers jump into other multiplayer modes with some experience that they gain by playing it. Breach is a fun PvP multiplayer mode that naturally fits the For Honor gameplay style. The new factions add more variety and diversity to the character roster, so it is a good addition as well. The launch price though is a bit too high. It is currently sold for $29.99, or almost half the price of the game when it launched back in 2016. It does seem fitting since I feel like this expansion is For Honor 1.5, or a half step towards an eventual sequel.

For Honor Marching Fire Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: The Wu Lin faction comes to For Honor®! Get instant access to four new heroes: The Tiandi, the Shaolin, the Jiang Jun, and the Nuxia. The expansion also includes the new Arcade Mode, an endless PvE experience playable solo or with a friend.

  • Final Score - 7.5/10


An expensive DLC expansion that does offer many fun new elements, but without any gameplay innovations, there is no appeal in it for those who were never a fan of the base game. For Honor: Marching Fire's asking price also feels a little too high compared to content offered in this expansion.


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