Forgotton Anne Officially Announced For Nintendo Switch, Launches With 10% Discount

Square Enix Collective has confirmed the release of Forgotton Anne for the Nintendo Switch. This is an animated interactive story game that is set in a unique world where everything that is forgotten exists outside of the main world.

The game received critical praise at launch due to its gorgeous visuals and compelling story. You can watch the official accolades trailer below, or read our full review from here.

“It was always only going to be a matter of time before Forgotton Anne made its way over to Nintendo Switch,” says Alfred Nguyen, Creative Director and Co-founder of ThroughLine Games. “We are big fans of Nintendo’s inventive platform and experiencing Forgotton Anne in handheld mode feels amazing even for us and we believe it’s a perfect match for Switch’s fast expanding audience.”

“Forgotton Anne is undoubtedly one of the classiest, most dazzling adventures we’ve ever put out,” says Phil Elliott, Director of Indie Publishing at Square Enix West. “Ever since we started showing the game at events around the globe, people have been spellbound by how ThroughLine Games has brought life and interactivity to anime – it truly is a captivating take on how to incorporate animation in gameplay that we think will really find a strong and loyal home on Nintendo Switch.”

Forgotton Anne will be available on Nintendo Switch in 2019, however, there is no specific release date given for it. You can get it for £15.99/$19.99/€19.99 and it will be offered with a 10% launch discount that will be available for 2 weeks.

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