Former Sony Santa Monica Lead Level Designer Confirms The Cancellation Of GOW 3 Director’s New IP

It was recently revealed that Sony has laid off about 50 of their staff from Sony Santa Monica studio. Now it has been confirmed by one former lead level designer that the new IP that they were working on is indeed cancelled.

Jonathan Hawkins has been a Lead Level Designer at Sony Santa Monica for about 10+ years now. He was also working on their new IP along with other developers including Andy Puhl and Rob Davis. After the news regarding the layoffs hit the internet, it was sort of rumored that most of the developers, that were laid off, were working on a new IP at Sony Santa Monica. This new IP has been in the rumors for a long while now and said to be an “Open World” game with focus on science fiction. It might have also been teased in God of War: Ascension, in the form of an easter egg.

According to the Linkedin profile of one former developer, they were supposed to reveal a new project in 2013, although it seems like that it didn’t went through as planned.

Jonathan Hawkins confirmed on twitter that this new IP is indeed canned now. It was the long rumored God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen project, which has been cancelled now.

We have our sympathies with the developers who lost their job due to the recent layoffs, and we hope they can find a job soon.

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