You Will Get Forfeited If You Stay Inactive During An Online Match In FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is out soon but there is currently a closed beta on-going for a select few users who had applied for it. While you likely can’t get the closed beta now since registration is closed, some new information has slowly stared to surface regarding how the game deals with inactivity during an on-going match and it turns out this penalty is a big deal since it will completely forfeit the match.

Reddit user  Limitless293 has shared his experience with the closed beta talking about the penalty system. According to him, he was playing a winning match with 11-0 scored against the opponent and decided to take a break for food only to return back to a message telling him that the match was forfeited. This was triggered by his inactivity during the match even though he was winning his game.

This feature doesn’t seem to be implemented for offline matches but in case you are playing it online with another player, you will have to make sure that the game doesn’t register your activity as being inactive.

FIFA 18 is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 29th. The game is being developed by EA Sports who are also currently conducting a closed beta for the game.

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