Fortnite Battle Royale Mode Is Now Live, Download Links For PC, PS4 And Xbox One Inside

Fornite is getting a free battle royale mode for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. This mode is based on the popular Steam Early Access game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and features a gameplay mode that is similar to the Battle Royale. This mode was based on the cult classic Japanese movie of the same name where a team of teenagers were left out on an Island to kill each other and the last standing one would be able to escape from the Island. It is essentially a King of the Hill type mode but extrapolated to 100 players on a giant map.

Fornite is currently in a paid early access and while you can read our review of the game when it launched on early access, this Battle Royale mode was made available just recently and hence it hasn’t been covered yet.

If you don’t own Fortnite, you can still download this mode free of cost on either PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The download links for each of the platform are given below so check them out and download this mode depending on your platform of choice.

Fortnite Battle Royale Mode PC Download Link

Fortnite Battle Royale Mode PS4 Download Link

Fortnite Battle Royale Mode Xbox One Download Link

Fortnite will be a free-to-play game in early 2017 once it leaves early access. Currently you can get the base game for $39.99 as the Founders Pack and enjoy the continuous support to the game with updates leading to its official free-to-play launch in 2018.

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