Fortnite Guide: How To Evolve Your Heroes, All Requirements


Epic Games’ new Co-op Sandbox Survival game features four different classes that fans can choose between when they start playing. Every class has different abilities and strengths. You can also evolve your heroes to make them better, and it is one of the most important aspects of the game, but a little complicated at the same time.

Evolving your heroes is very important as it makes him/her more powerful, unlocks new abilities and they will be able to take out your enemies easily. Evolving is quite complicated, but this guide will help you evolve your heroes with ease.

How To Evolve Your Heroes In Fortnite:

Once you have progress through the story mode of Fortnite, you will have a few resources, rewards, etc. This is when you can look towards evolving your character. There are some requirements that you will have to fulfill before you decide to evolve your hero.

To evolve your heroes in Fortnite, players will have to access the Hero Tab in the main menu. Once there, select the hero you want to evolve and inspect him/her to view the evolution. This will bring up all the requirements needed to evolve you hero. Most of the heroes have common early evolution requirements, like reaching level 10, Hero XP and have the items needed to evolve your hero. These items include rare materials like a Training Manual and Pure Drop of Rain.

You can get Training Manuals by going into your Squad tab, then go to Squad Survivors and retire one of the squad members that you don’t need. The squad member that you are going to retire has to be rare so make sure you retire the right one. Now that you have all the materials and levels required to level up, you can go into your hero tab and inspect the hero you want to evolve. If you have fulfilled all the requirements, you will be able to evolve the selected hero.

Hopefully this guide helped you evolve your characters in Fortnite. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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