Fortnite Guide: Exploring And Collecting Resources


One of the most important and essential parts of Fortnite is exploring the world around you, while gathering all the resources you can get your hands on. The world has a lot of enemies that you will come across, but don’t let that prevent you from exploring the area and collecting resources along the way.

The world of Fortnite has a ton of different resources and materials that players can collect. Different resources are found in different locations, and some are required to be obtained in different ways. Some resources and minerals have a specific area that they will spawn in and there is a correct and efficient method to maximize the material you extract.

Exploration And Gathering Resources In Fortnite:

Exploration is an incredibly important factor in Fortnite. The map of Fortnite is full of secrets and mysteries that might reward you with rare items. To make the most of the area around you, explore every nook and cranny, so that you don’t miss anything valuable or important. There are hidden caves all around the map, which can be very lucrative.

In Fortnite, players have several different resources and materials, but there are three main categories. All the minerals are categorized into Metal, Wood and Stone, and you can mine them all with your pickaxe. While mining stones and metals, there is a very efficient way of doing it.

While mining these minerals, you might have noticed a white spot pop up on the surface of the mineral. This mark keeps moving around every time you hit the mineral. So, if you want to efficient in mining minerals, hit the white spot every time it moves. Hitting the marked spot will give you additional amount of the resource you are mining. This will allow you to get the most out of the mineral deposit, and it breaks faster, so you will save a lot of time.

To gather resources with ease and more efficiency, players can take advantage of the Outlander class. This class is extremely bad when it comes to combat or building, however, this is the best class if you are trying to find rare resources and efficiently extracting them. The Outlander class has abilities which allow it to harvest resources, better than every other class. Outlander’s Gathering Ability improves harvesting of resources, while the Focused Acquisition gives it a chance to find double the loot. These are just a few of the abilities that the Outlander class has, that allows it to collect loot and other items with ease. The Outlander class also has the Observation ability that makes exploring a lot easier. So the Outlander class might not be the best at taking down hordes of enemies or building defenses, but it can make your life a lot easier, if you want to focus on exploring the world of Fortnite and collect rare resources.

Hopefully this guide helped you explore the world of Fortnite, while collecting resources. The game is now avaialble on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. For a guide on how to evolve your character in Fortnite, click here.

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