Fortnite PS4 Cross-Play: How to play with Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Earlier today Sony confirmed that were officially supporting Fortnite Cross-Play with Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch Fortnite players have always been able to play with each other, however on the PS4 players were stuck with those on the same console.

Read on to learn how to enable Fortnite Cross-Play on your PS4 so you can play with your friends on the Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The process is fairly simple, the first and most obvious step is to download Fortnite: Battle Royale from the PSN store. It’s free, get it. Boot the game after updating it, at the main menu you’ll be asked for your Epic Games account, you can either use your existing one if you have it or make a new one.

You might already have an Epic Games account if you played some of their previous games or have signed up for Unreal Engine.

After that you just need to make sure your PSN ID is tied with your Epic Games account, to check you can log in from here.

That is it, you’ll now be able to play Fortnite with Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players, simple as that.

Note: If you want to transfer your Battle Royale purchases from an account on another platform, then functionality for that is coming later in November. Also the ability un-link a console from one Fortnite account to enable it on another will come in a few days, we’ll keep you updated when that function goes live.

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