Fortnite X Event Causes Epic Games Store, PSN and Xbox Live Server Issues

Epic Games is having an event to mark the end of Fortnite Season X and it has turned into an interesting situation for other live services like PSN, Xbox Live and Epic Games Store.

Fortnite Season X is ending today and the whole Island has been swallowed by a Black Hole to mark the end of the season. There is some speculation that the new season might bring a major change with a different map and new gameplay mechanics like boats. There is no official confirmation around it for now.

As the live event is happening, PSN, Xbox Live, and Epic Games Store are having issues. Epic has issued the following statement regarding the outage that their store is facing right now.

We are aware that some folks are unable to login to the Epic Games launcher and are working on getting the service back to normal. As a work around, you can elect to skip login to access games that don’t require you to be online.

Sony hasn’t updated the official PSN status page and all services appear to be up and running if we check it. Meanwhile, Microsoft Xbox Live has updated its service status page to confirm that Fortnite and Mixer are having issues right now.

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