Forza 5 Has Flying Ability, Weird Glitch Makes Other Cars Fly

Forza Motorsport 5 or Forza 5 is an exclusive title for the Xbox One. Launched alongside the Xbox One, Forza 5 is the highest rated exclusive launch title to date for the Xbox One. Forza 5 has impressive graphics and dubbed as the ‘no compromises’ title, it stayed true to its 1080p60 promise. Although in achieving the 1080p60, it seems that many of the tracks and cars were cut down and micro-transactions are looked down upon by many.

But the game can be interesting at times. Glitches are present in every game in one form or another. Glitches happen when some of the code is not refined and happens to run off parameters. This weird and funny glitch in Forza 5 gives the opponents cars the ability to fly. Check out the video below by JordanPProductions:

The glitch is both weird and funny at the same time. We hope that Turn 10 pushes out a patch soon that fixes any glitches faced by the gaming community.

Have you encountered any glitches in Forza 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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