Forza 5 races to Gamescom with new screenshots

As expected, we’ve seen a lot of new things at Gamescom this year. One of the interesting things are new screenshots for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Forza Motorsport 5. In the screenshots, you can see Laguna Seca and Spa Francorchamps, two very popular tracks, as well as some cars. The developers have also given us a few details about the game and have revealed to be working with Calspan, the tyre manufacturer to make the game as realistic as possible.

“Developing and improving the driving physics has, in many ways, become the central pursuit for the Forza Motorsport series,” said creative director Dan Greenawalt. “We are always chasing that perfect simulation where we can accurately recreate the infinite variables of driving in the digital world. At the same time, that pursuit is always tempered by the limits of what we know about the science of vehicle dynamics and the properties of high performance materials.

“For Forza Motorsport 5, we have an incredibly powerful console at our disposal in the Xbox One. To make the most of that power, we had to collect data on tire variables that have never been isolated – to refactor our understanding of tire technology through the lens of a much more powerful console; one that could handle the increasingly complex formulae of heat, slip and weight transfer that our increased understanding demands.

“Thanks to the power of the Xbox One and our Calspan partnership, we are implementing truly cutting edge
scientific understanding of tire physics, suspension geometry, and aerodynamics – we’re not implementing the recommendations of last year’s text books, we’re running the tests that will write the vehicle dynamics text books of the next several years.”

You can view the screenshots below.

Thanks, OXM.

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