Forza 6 Coming September 15, Shown off At E3

Forza 6 Coming September 15, Shown off At E3

Earlier, there were leaks coming in from Amazon which suggested the arrival of Forza 6, and finally, the gaming populace can bear witness to the upcoming title, which is expected to be released on Sep. 15, 2015. Even though you guys can watch the trailer in order to see what yourself what treat awaits you on the aforementioned date, the video game looks visually appealing (which was expected), to say the least.

For starters, destructible environments have improved significantly and with next generation consoles, you can assume that gamers are going will be immersed far more compared to the previous installments. One of the most important features of the upcoming titles happens to be its dynamic weather, which has started to become a popular addition in several titles.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”mwPBXgqCkoo”]

Now for the most exciting part; Forza 6 will bring 26 destinations, along with over 450 cars, and a 24 car multiplayer support. The game was initially announced at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, which kicked off in January 2015. Now that an official release date has been given at E3 2015, gamers can keep their fingers crossed.


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