Forza Dev Clarifies His ‘Highest Quality Pixels’ Quote For Xbox One X, Gives Context Behind It

When Microsoft originally announced Project Scorpio, now known as Xbox One X, there was a developer highlight video that commented on the potential of the hardware offered by Project Scorpio. One of the comment that was made in this video was by Turn 10 Studio’s Software Architect, Chris Tector. He talked about Project Scorpio offering the ‘highest quality pixels that anyone has ever seen’ and this led to fans mocking his comment because of how ridiculous it sounded.

It was revealed that the video was edited by Albert Penello who somehow didn’t think that presenting the quote without any content would result in the backlash among fans. Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, who was hosting a live panel for E3 Coliseum at YouTube asked Tector to explain the full context behind this quote.

Tector explained that being a gamer at heart, he was excited to talk about the new hardware. He gave an example of 4K being used on TV and in Cinemas for movies but the presentation here is limited to 24 fps or 30 fps. These movies also have assets that are compressed to fit the medium, as said by Tector. What he meant with his ‘highest quality pixels’ quote was that with the Xbox One X and the games that support 4K on it, the user will be finally able to experience it all on the screen without any compression.

The games will be running at the original assets as intended instead of compressed to fit another medium and for those who offer 60 fps, it will be simply a better experience. It is important to mention here that Forza Motorsport 7 runs in 4K at 60 fps on the Xbox One X so Tucker was likely talking about his own game here. He also considers the Xbox One X affordable when compared to a PC that should offer 4K at 60 fps.

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