Forza Horizon 2 Will Run At Native 1080p And 30 Fps On Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 was announced earlier this week and now the developers have shared more details about the game, including its resolution and frame rate.

We already know that Forza Horizon 2 is cross-gen, and is coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360. The good part here is the Xbox One pot is being handled by Playground Games, who are going to truly make it a ‘Next-Gen’ game. Meanwhile Sumo Digital will be handling the Xbox 360 version.


If you were worried about the image quality of the game, you should be glad to know that Forza Horizon 2 will run at native 1080p and 30 fps on the Xbox One. This was confirmed by Ralph Fulton, creative director of Playground Games, in an interview to IGN.

“I think what we did on Horizon was demonstrate that, and this is really important, a locked frame rate that’s absolutely solid and never drops is the most important thing for our game, 30 [frames-per-second] actually enables us to realise that experience.”

“I think I remember that’s always a hot-button topic, until a game comes out and people go, ‘Oh, this actually really works.’ But 1080p was an absolute must for us; it’s the benchmark for next-gen.”

Forza Horizon 2 is set to release this fall on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is being developed by Playground Games for the Xbox One, and by Sumo Digital for the Xbox 360.

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