Forza Horizon 4 November 7 Update Patch Notes For Xbox One And PC

Playground Games has shared Forza Horizon 4 November 7 update details and detailed the full set of patch notes for it.

Forza Horizon 4 will get a new update today. This was confirmed by Playground Games. It doesn’t seem to add any new major content for the game, and mostly relates to bug fixes. The full details of this update can be read below.

Forza Horizon 4 November 7 Update Patch Notes For Xbox One And PC

Version Number

  • PC: 1.210.773.1
  • Xbox: 1.210.773.0

Cross Platform Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where some players were not being awarded “Antique Restorer” achievement, despite having collected all the Barn Finds.
  • Updated the reward for Winter trial to make the Green Morph Suit clothing item available to players.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to get their vehicle reset (either through flipping, or missing a checkpoint) during Team Adventure.
  • Prevent cars from appearing ghosted whilst in Photo Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Drivatars were all showing as Wristband Level 1 in race results screens.
  • Fixed an issue where completing a Route Blueprint event would leave the player at the end of the on-disc route, rather than the blueprinted route.
  • Route Blueprint fliers now show “Custom Route” to distinguish then from other Blueprints.
  • Added a Report button to Designs, Tunes, Photos, Vinyls in the Creative Hub menu.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were not prompted to join the session.
  • Reduced the chance of sessions failing to start in Ranked Team Adventure following successful matchmaking.
  • General Stability improvements.

PC Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where changing visual presets with framerate set to >60 will result in mismatch between framerate and UI in-game after a reboot.

Wheel Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to navigate menus after clearing a custom wheel profile.
  • Fixed Multi-USB device saving action map issue.

Forza Horizon 4 is available now for the Xbox One and PC through Windows 10.

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