Forza Horizon 4 PC now basing recommended specs on 60fps, will include HDR and let you ‘push to the extreme beyond Ultra’

Its safe to say Forza Horizon 4 is the most anticipated title for gearheads all around the world. Developers Playground Games are taking no short cuts when it comes to the PC version of the game, including many PC exclusive features and improvements.

Playground Games studio art director Benjamin Penrose talked at Gamescom about their focus efforts for PC gamers.

We’re now basing our recommended spec on 60 frames per second and not 30, which is a change from Forza Horizon 3,

We’re really happy with the stability and performance from launch this time round. And we’ve also got a whole bunch of new options you can push [your PC] to the extreme beyond Ultra, if you’ve got a very powerful PC.

Exact requirements are said to be announced at a later date.

Although Forza Horizon 3 was a decent port, with Horizon 4 Playground Games are bring in some neat new features like HDR to PC.

And of course we’ve got a load of other options in there, so you can build a view for your cameras, you also have access to the HDR option—the first time on PC for Forza.

Penrose concluded with stating that Horizon 3 proved to be a great learning experience which they used to build upon in Horizon 4:

We were definitely pleased with the audience. We learned a lot [from Forza Horizon 3], we knew things weren’t as smooth as they could’ve been, and there were some issues there from launch. But that’s why we spent a lot of time focusing to make sure we get it right this time.

Even though the game is a couple months off from release a lot of stuff has been leaked including a supposed full cars list, the soundtrack (which includes some really good tracks) and a Halo crossover among others.

Forza Horizon 4 releases for Xbox One and PC on October 2 later this year.

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