Forza Horizon Is A Great Example Of Free 4K Upgrade On Xbox One X, Comparison Inside

Xbox One X has the ability to play some of the backward compatible games using the additional hardware power offered to render 9x the original resolution with some additional benefits. This has made games that were originally released for the Xbox 360 to jump in visual fidelity on the Xbox One X when played through the backwards compatibility program and now Microsoft has offered the option to switch between the Graphics and Performance mode making it easier to see the huge gulf in visuals between both modes.

The Graphics mode is the default way to play all Xbox 360 games and those with the ability to utilize the power of Xbox One X can run at 9x the original rendering resolution along with improvements to the shadows, aliasing and even frame rate. The selection of games is currently limited but among the new additions, Microsoft has now added Witcher 2, Forza Horizon 1, Crackdown and Fable Anniversary.

We have decided to compare Forza Horizon here, which is an open world game that originally launched for the Xbox 360. It had stunning visuals at the time of release and while it doesn’t look that bad on a regular Xbox One through backward compatibility, the jump to Xbox One X makes it a complete remaster that is free for anyone who has purchased the game initially on the Xbox 360.

If you are still not convinced of the upgrade, here is an animated GIF to make it easier to notice the difference.

As you can see in the comparison shots above, there is simply no example out there of a developer putting so much work to offer a free upgrade. There is some crazy wizardry going here under the hood because the visual upgrade is eye popping one. The game looks great now even on a 4K TV screen even though it launched a long time ago. It is a testament to the work done by Playground Games and the emulation capability of the Xbox One X.

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