Forza X Rumor Debunked By Turn 10 Studio Head, Confirmed Fake

Forza X could be the next game in the franchise according to a new leak. Forza series has recently yearly releases since the release of Xbox One with the franchise alternating between Forza Motorsports and Forza Horizon. There have been 4 Forza games released so far on the Xbox One with the latest one, Forza Horizon 3, being a huge critical and commercial success.

Recently, a rumor was posted on 4chan that showed an off-screen and ‘blurry’ picture of a new Forza game featuring the logo ‘Forza X’. This logo didn’t really look professional still it was considered to be a leak or rumor of a new Forza game.

Turn 10 Studio Head was approached by one of the fans on Twitter asking about the legitimacy of this leak and it was immediately debunked by him.

This puts to rest any more speculation of this rumor although we personally won’t rule out another Forza game releasing this year to coincide with the launch of Xbox Scorpio, the next generation hardware from Microsoft.

Let us know what do you expect from the next Forza game in the comments below.

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