Here are four amazing video player apps for the android OS

VIDEO PLAYER for android

The android operating system is being incorporated in to smartphones that are boasting abnormally large display screen sizes. In addition to the large displays, these devices are also being stuffed with impressive technical specifications that are able play back high definition videos with relative ease. However, playing movies and short clips is not going to be possible without the inclusion of apps. Therefore, without jumping on to other topics, here are four video player apps that you must give a try.

1: MoboPlayer

Here are four amazing video player apps for the android OS

We have included the MoboPlayer video player app for two reasons. One: it happens to be our personal favorite and two: it is perhaps the most popular video player app on the play store at the moment. This is the reason why. The first time you download and install the video player app, Moboplayer will begin scanning your device for all media type files present on your storage card and on your device’s internal memory. However, here is another reason why we included this app at the top of our list. If you are the kind of person who has an inclination towards assembling the files according to genre, then Moboplayer will execute that automatically.

We still haven’t concluded our apps’ description. Moboplayer allows you to play a media file, irrespective of the format type the file belongs to. However, in case you do experience incompatibility issues, then Moboplayer allows you to download separate codecs in order for you to thoroughly enjoy your movie sessions. For people who have impaired levels of hearing, Moboplayer also offers terrific support for subtitles, which are in the following categories:

  • SRT
  • ASS
  • SAA

The email feature:

Though the email feature might seem like overkill for users, Moboplayer has got you covered by allowing you to check your email and / or text should you receive them during the movie. This can be accomplished by pressing the home button of your smartphone, which will force the video to shrink, allowing you to carry out with your tasks unencumbered. Furthermore, since playing high definition videos will consume a lot of batter, you also have the option to check the percentage of your battery life. We have experienced that ‘tear away hair from your head’ moment when your smartphone’s battery depletes in the middle of your favorite movie.

Download Moboplayer

2: MX Player

Here are four amazing video player apps for the android OS

The only thing repulsive about this app is that the free version is filled with a phalanx of ads that end up making the movie viewing experience profoundly distasteful. However, there is also an ad – free version carrying a price tag of $ 5.60 (for those of you who display a large amount of abhorrence towards ads). Another commendable thing about this video player app is that after you leave the app by pressing the home or the back button, and choose to play the film once more, MX player will ask if you want to resume from the last position of the movie or start over completely. 

That’s not all that MX player has to offer. It allows you to switch to portrait mode, which is a feature not present in most of the apps out there. Another feature known as hardware and software decoding is present. For those of you who don’t know what this option does; the hardware decoding feature uses the in built hardware to smoothen out the video playback (using the device’s GPU) while the software decoding will require the power of the CPU to render the video. Applying the software decoding option will deplete the battery at an alarming. As a recommendation, we advise you to apply the hardware decoding setting. If you are not able to get a fluid video playback from this option, then you can always move on to the alternative option.

Download MX player

3: VLC Player

Here are four amazing video player apps for the android OS

One of the most popular video players for Microsoft windows has found its way to the android operating system. Ever since this particular video player app was released for this OS, it has always been in the beta mode. Perhaps the VLC developers were not able to see this as a lucrative venture. Nonetheless, the first time you start the VLC player, you will experience a draw back in performance. This is because the video player app will start indexing your media files. So in the end, it depends on how many media files you have present in your storage.

However one good thing about this video player app is that it has an in built sleep timer, which might not be so useful but that’s because you haven’t heard the good part about this. If at any time during the movie, you start feeling light headed or sleepy, you can set the timer to any time of your choosing and shut it off. In this, way, you will have a larger reserve for remaining battery.

Download VLC player


Here are four amazing video player apps for the android OS

Realplayer happens to be one of the most finest video player apps out there on the play store. This app offers you an abundant number of features and that too in just one package. There are not many alternatives similar to the Realplayer app so if you haven’t tried it now, you have no idea what you are missing.

Download Realplayer

These four amazing video player apps for the android OS are a must for your movie viewing arsenal. Though, all of them are not perfect, we live in an imperfect world but its the best we have got, so why not try to make the most of it?

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