Four Foolproof Ways To Sharpen Your Bowling Skills Before Heading To The Alleys

Americans love bowling, and it is one of their favorite ways to kill time. The game is highly entertaining, and many people throw birthday or anniversary parties in bowling alleys. Such is the craze!

Sadly, the pandemic has interrupted the regular hangouts at the bowling alleys with friends. That’s why many people turned to the Internet to while away their time and keep themselves occupied. Thankfully, the world of mobile gaming has risen to the occasion and provided avid bowlers the opportunity to stay connected with all the action wearing their virtual bowling shoes. You can play online bowling games for free to continue showing your love for the game.

However, times are changing, and several bowling alleys are opening their doors to welcome their patrons. So if you’re ready to come out of your hiatus and hit your favorite spots, here’s everything you must know to sharpen your skills.

  • Start by learning the basics

Whether you’ve bowled before or it would be your first time, it is good to familiarize yourself with the game’s basics. In addition, you must understand the game to show off your skills as you roll down the bowling ball on the bowling lanes.

The most crucial element of the game is the pins. There are ten pins in the game, and each of them is numbered from one to ten. The front pin is numbered one, and the rest of the pins starting from the second row are numbered from left to right. The pins are placed to form an equilateral triangle and spaced twelve inches apart. Even if you’re playing online bowling games, the formation of the pins will be similar, and it’ll give you a decent idea of what to expect when you go to the bowling alleys.

The game objective is to knock down all ten pins. But it is not that simple. First, you need to learn about the ball’s position and angle that gives you the best chance of hitting a strike. Even if you cannot hit a strike, aim to get a spare. The more pins you can knock down with a single attempt, the more you’ll score.

If you want to understand the difference between a strike and a spare and how it impacts the scores you’ve earned, you can play the online bowling game free. In addition, the free practice games will give you clarity regarding the basic rules of bowling.

  • Picking the proper ball is crucial

While you don’t have to worry about picking the right ball in online bowling, it can make a massive difference in traditional bowling games. You’ll see each bowling ball displaying a number, which signifies its weight. You may think it is easier to grab the lightest ball, but that’s incorrect. The correct way to select a ball depends on your weight. It is best to pick up a ball that is roughly ten percent of your weight.

After you’ve found the right ball, ensure your fingers smoothly fit the holes. Also, make sure you can throw the ball without much effort.

You can pick up all the different balls to determine which one works the best for you.

  • Concentrate on aiming for the two most essential pins in the game to hit a strike

As mentioned above, the ten pins in the bowling game are formed in an equilateral triangle. It means that the sides of the triangle are of the same length. Therefore, you don’t have to hit every pin to strike out. Instead, all you need to do is focus on the two critical pins that will hit each other and knock down the others.

It would be ideal to aim for the two pins in the front. If you are left-handed, you would want to hit the pin in the middle and the one on its left. If you are right-handed, you would like to hit the pin in the middle at the front of the triangle and the pin to its right.

If you hit these two pins with enough force, it’ll create a ripple effect, and the other pins will be easily knocked down.

Players can test this strategy when playing online bowling games. For example, you can aim for the two pins in the virtual game and see their impact. First, you need to slide your finger left and right to position the ball correctly. After that, slide up and down to release the ball into the virtual bowling lane. Then, when you head down to the alleys, you can practice and master this tactic.

  • Try to learn and understand about the oil

Bowling lanes are oiled to ensure the bowling ball rolls accurately. Typically, the center of the lane is oiled more than the sides. The oil may impact your game, so you need to learn about it. Depending on the quantity of the oil, you need to increase or decrease your speed or even change the ball’s weight.

Even in online bowling games, you need to check the amount of oil on the virtual lane. This is because it will determine the bowling ball’s grip. In each game session, the amount of oil changes to make the game more challenging.


Much to the happiness of bowlers, the bowling alleys are opening their doors and hosting events to welcome back the patrons. Before heading back to the alleys, you can sharpen your bowling skills by considering the tips mentioned above. However, if you’re not ready to wear rented bowling shoes and visit crowded places yet, you can continue enjoying online bowling games for as long as you want.

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