Four Types of Games Adrenaline Junkies Must Try

Sky-diving! Bungee jumping! Family Christmases! If you love running the gauntlet, getting that hit of adrenaline rush in real-life activities, then playing Minecraft or Pokemon Go might be up there with one of the boring activities you can think of.

But just because the games that everyone else is playing might be a snooze-fest for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t some diamond genres that will get your gaming juices flowing.

If you’re ready for it, dive in to find out what four types of games will give you that rush – all from the comfort of your couch.

Horror and suspense games

Like watching horror and suspense movies? Or even wish they would up the ante somehow? When you’re playing a horror or suspense game, particularly a first-person game, creeping around corners and getting sprung upon, it really feels like you’re actually in the scene – rather than an observer, like how you might feel watching these types of movies.

There are plenty of horror and suspense titles available across all platforms. There are some absolute classics like the Resident Evil series (particularly great for all you zombie fans out there), Silent Hill 2, plus perhaps lesser-known titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and the Fatal Frame series.

Horror and suspense games range from gory, to spooky, to body horror, to apocalyptic, sci-fi, and more. In this genre, there are plenty of different flavors to explore so you can find your super-specific niche.

Speed-based games

Whether it’s out on the racetrack in Mario Kart, bumping up the pace in running games like Temple Run on mobile, or even some old school side-scroller Sonic action, speed-based games are a great challenge for the adrenaline junkie.

This type of game mechanic is dubbed ‘Forced constant movement.’ These are games where you have to keep moving (either at the same pace, faster, or slower, but always moving) or else you will either die or lose the round. A commonly combined game mechanic is ‘Avoiding unkillable objects.’

For these types of games, you cannot lose concentration for a second – you have to always be on the ball – or it’s game over, try again.

There are all sorts of these types of games from car and motorbike racing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, Temple Run and Crash Bandicoot, plus plenty more. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Live play real casino games

There is nothing quite like the thrill of a big win at the casino. It gets your heart pumping, you might let out a ‘Whoop!,’ there will be cheers and celebrations, and you’re going to have a big grin plastered across your face for some time.

The best casino games to play for adrenaline are those like poker and blackjack – where it takes a certain degree of skill to play, rather than just blind luck, say, for instance with bingo.

There are plenty of online casinos that have live play skill games, even with real dealers in a separate location, where you can come together with players from all around the world for a chance to gain the upper hand. There are even people out there who play poker online for a living!

Casino games come with an additional rush of winning and losing cash. To tone it down a notch you can play these games without using real cash. These are games that you can play for nothing upfront at real online casinos, along with a chance to win. If you like the casinos enough and think you have a chance to win big, you may even be tempted to put a dollar or two down.

Military or survival cooperative games

While military or survival co-op games aren’t for everyone, these games are usually action-packed, can require you screaming at your teammates, and give you that huge sense of relief and achievement once you achieve each goal.

These online games huge an absolutely huge online following and player base. Even your parents have probably heard of Fortnite (even if they have no idea what it is).

These types of games may be set in the past, for example, Call of Duty, which was originally set in World War II, or in the near future, like Overwatch. They can be set in other worlds, or with alien or mystical creatures… there really is a plethora available.

Having the added element of team play can really give you an extra adrenaline shot – you need to be able to trust and rely on your teammates to get you through all the challenges that the game throws at you. Somehow it makes the game more real – as you’re playing alongside other real people, in real-time. They really are your comrades in battle!

Head to the online game store of your choice to see what military and survival titles they have on hand to tickle your fancy.

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