Fractured Space New Halloween Update Is Out To Celebrate One Million Players

Edge Case Games, developers of the award-winning team-based space combat game; Fractured Space, is releasing its Halloween update today in order to celebrate reaching one million players on the game. Fractured Space was officially launched on September 22, 2016.

To celebrate this feat the new, Halloween-themed, Phase 1.5 update will bring with itself a free crew member, a cracking new support ship and much more. The game is available on Steam and is free-to-play. It has an impressive 80% Metacritic rating.


Fractured Space is a 5-v-5 tactical space battle game where 2 teams stand in each other’s way in search of victory. The teams need to work together in order to destroy the enemy team’s base. The battle is fought over five sectors, where planning is essential to achieve dominance.

The update adds a new crew member, Ridley J. Fincher, who is a repair specialist. This member is free to any player who logs into the game from today till November 3. A new ship, Zarek Centurion, has also been added to the update. This ship can protect itself and its allies from opponent attacks by a colossal projected force field.

With the Patch 1.5 update, the Frontline mode in the game can now be played in solo, multiplayer and co-op modes. There will also be a special Halloween moon in the main game map, in Gamma sector till November 3rd.

Edge Case Games promises to add many more features to the game in the near future.


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