Francis got his PlayStation 4 from Sid Shuman of Sony, was only allowed to keep it for 2 hours [Update]

Francis, who is known on YouTube by his username boogie2988, talked more about his recent PS4 experience. According to Francis, he was only able to keep the PS4 for 2 hours and faced no overheating of any sorts during his 2 hours of play time.

Francis got this PS4 from Sid Shuman, who handles social media for PlayStation. We can see his excitement, unboxing and playing the actual console in his video. You can check out his unboxing video below.

After this video was posted, Francis answered some questions related to his experience on twitter. According to him, there was no overheating of any sorts during the two hours of playtime that he experienced on PlayStation 4. He also shows a glimpse of the PlayStation 4 boot-up screen, which appears to be more like a PlayStation VITA boot-up with a black background and white PlayStation logo.

Francis also explains that he only got to keep the PlayStation 4 for 2 hours and thanks Sid Shuman for giving him this opportunity to experience PlayStation 4 before launch.

What do you think of this move by Sony? Do you think it was a good move on Sony’s part? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: Francis commented on reddit that he had to follow a ‘strict set of rules’ on what he could and couldn’t show so that Sony could ‘maintain momentum’. The unit was taken back by Sid, it was needed for promo purpose elsewhere.

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