Get Free $10 Xbox Live Credit From Microsoft Ahead Of The Upcoming Holiday Sale

Microsoft is sending free $10 Xbox Live credit that is hidden cleverly in one of their promotional email for the Xbox One. Here’s how you can redeem it on your account.

To begin, first, you have to enable getting promotional offers and other emails from Microsoft on your Xbox Live account. If you have already done it, then you might have received the email but with no idea that it contains a free $10 credit code.

During Black Friday, Microsoft was similarly sending free $5 or $10 Xbox Live credit but I never managed to get it even though I had enabled promotional emails. This time, they are sending this for almost everyone and if you want to confirm that you have received this code, please check your email.

This code is available in an email titled “Save $100 on Xbox One X consoles” and while it looks like a regular promotional email, there is a Christmas tree at the bottom of the promo that redirects you to a page with $10 free credit code. You can then simply continue to redeem it on your email.

Update: Here is more information on the story. The code has expired but apparently, it was not the only one sent this way.

Since this is a hidden code, you should make sure to grab it since it will expire after some time. I have no idea why Microsoft has kept it a surprise since it seems to be a neat bonus heading into the upcoming holiday sale.

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