Here Are The Free Games For PS Plus Subscribers In July 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially revealed the free games lineup for July 2018 for all the PS Plus subscribers. Those who have an active PS Plus subscription will be able to enjoy games like Heavy Rain and Absolver for the PS4.

The full lineup for PS+ subscribers includes PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 games.

  • Absolver (PS4)
  • Heavy Rain (PS4)
  • Rayman HD (PS3)
  • Extreme Exorcism (PS3)
  • Space Overlords (PS Vita + PS4)
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (PS Vita)

Absolver is an online fighting game that is designed as an RPG. Heavy Rain seems to continue the trend of Sony offering their first party releases on PS Plus and it follows Beyond Two Souls as the second Quantic Dream game for the PS4 that has been released on PlayStation Plus.

PS Vita users can enjoy the last part of the Zero Escape trilogy. This s a visual novel with plenty of shocking plot twists and requires mind-bending puzzles to be solved. Rayman is an HD remaster of the first game that is available on the PS3.

All of these games will be available on the PS Plus subscription service on July 2nd. They are free to download as long as you keep an active subscription of PS+. You can get 1 whole year subscription for $59.99 or decide on a month-wise subscription that will be slightly more expensive.

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