Free-to-play robot brawler Rising Thunder may get ported to PS4

Rising Thunder, the free-to-play robot fighting game, may eventually see release on the PS4, Push Square reports. The brawler is currently in development exclusively for the PC by EVO founders Tom and Tony Cannon alongside ex-Capcom veteran Seth Killian.


Developer Radiant Entertainment’s aim is to create a more accessible fighting game that doesn’t require players to perform complex inputs on their fight sticks or game pads in order to do well. Instead, Rising Thunder’s combat revolves around a cooldown timer, with which all attacks are associated. Players will be required to know when to time their moves and how to work around the cooldown period.

For those looking to play Rising Thunder on the PS4, the developer has told Push Square that it may well happen at some point in the future, but getting the free-to-play game balanced is currently its priority.

Right now the team is focusing on getting the game balanced and working; after that I’m sure that they’ll consider console ports.

So there you have it! The possibility is there down the road once Radiant Entertainment had finished work on the PC game. Rising Thunder’s beta is currently underway on the PC. If you’re looking to try it out now, signup for the technical Alpha the developer’s official site.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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