Friday The 13th Guide: Best Counselor Weapons To Take Down Jason

Friday the 13th

While playing as the Counselor in Friday The 13th, players have the choice to pick up tons of different weapons scattered around the map. You can find a weapon in almost any part of the camp, however, not every weapon is as good as the other.

Every weapon in Friday the 13th has different stats and attributes. Some weapons are used to free yourself from Jason’s grasp, while other weapons can be used to keep Jason as far away from you as possible. In Friday the 13th, some weapons are more rare than others, so finding them can be hard. This guide will help you find the best weapons in Friday The 13th, while playing as a Counselor.

Best Counselor Weapons In Friday The 13th:

There are tons of different weapons in Friday The 13th. While playing as a Counselor, players will find various weapons scattered around the camp, and every weapon has a certain use. Some weapons are faster than others, while some weapons have a longer stun duration, so finding the best weapon is very important if you want to take down Jason.


The Hatchet is one of rarest weapon in Friday The 13th. This heavy weapon has the highest damage out of all the melee weapons in the game, however, due to being a heavy weapon, the Hatchet has a slow swing. So in order to use this weapon effectively, you will have to time your swings very carefully. It is a great weapon to get away from Jason due to its long stun duration. The Hatchet can be found inside the Barn, or in one of the cabins.


The Machete is a great weapon with a fast swing. This is the perfect weapon if you want to avoid getting caught by Jason. If Jason spawns behind you, you can quickly swing backwards and knock him out for a while. This will allow you to run away to safety. The Machete might be high in the damage and durability department, but the stun duration isn’t anything special. The Machete can be found inside cabins, so keep an eye out for them whenever you are in there.


The Shotgun is one of the best weapons in Friday The 13th. It is also one of the rarest and strongest weapons in the game, and due to these reasons, the weapon does not have a certain location on the map. The shotgun might be the most powerful weapon in the game, with a longer stun duration on Jason compared to the other weapons, but there is one downside to the weapon. The Shotgun only have one shot in it, so you will only be able to fire the weapon once and it will be useless afterwards.

Baseball Bat:

Quite similar to the Hatchet, the Baseball Bat is another heavy weapon with similar stats. The Baseball Bat is the most effective weapon in stunning Jason. Stunning Jason will allow you to get away easily. The Baseball Bat can be found in the cabins and it isn’t a very rare item so you should be able to find it easily.

Metal Pipe:

The Metal Pipe is one of the most durable weapons in Friday the 13th. This melee weapon can be found almost anywhere on the map, as it is a common weapon. The Metal Pipe has a good stun duration, allowing players to make their escape if they encounter Jason.

Fire Poker:

Similar to the Machete, the Fire Poker is a weapon with a fast swing. The weapon can be found near fireplaces, but due to its small size, it might be hard to locate. The weapon does not have the best stun duration but it can come in handy at times, but it is better to swap it out for another weapon if you find one.

The weapons mentioned above are very effective and you should pick them up whenever you spot them. These weapons will save your life and will allow you to escape Jason’s grasp. Hopefully this guide helped you find the best weapons while playing as the Counselor. Friday The 13th is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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