Friday the 13th: The Game Update Version 1.28 Is Live, Patch Notes Inside

The latest update to Friday The 13th: The Game finally adds the long-awaited dedicated servers for the consoles among other fixes.

Friday The 13th: The Game has received a brand new update today for the PS4. This update will also launch for the Xbox One at a later today, as confirmed by the developers. They didn’t share any estimated time for the delivery of this new patch for the Xbox One users.

If you own Friday the 13th: The Game on the PS4, this patch will update the game to version 1.28 and introduces the following set of changes as listed in the patch notes.


  • Addressed several issues that were causing players to be interaction locked


  • Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s Shift Duration being lower than intended
  • Sense is no longer automatically cancelled when Jason enters the water
  • Jason’s pickaxe kill “Canopener” now appears as “Neck Twisted” instead of “Decapitated on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where window environment kills may temporarily become inaccessible if Jason grabs a counselor that is in the process of vaulting through the window


  • Counselors that have been pulled out of a vehicle will now display the correct struggle animation
  • Small items (medical sprays, firecrackers, etc.) are no longer usable for the counselor that is performing the sweater stun
  • Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to become stuck if the player opened the map while vaulting through a window


  • Added additional countermeasures to prevent players from being able to stand on top of cars
  • Made adjustments to the car escape volumes to prevent vehicles from falling off the map
  • Starting a boat will once again alert Jason via sound effect
  • Fixed an issue where the repair mini game prompt may temporarily not appear if the player is rapidly toggling the repair interact button repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue that caused Jason to be able to walk through cars under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the reverse camera on the vehicles may sometimes not be working properly



  • Addressed several counselor exploit locations
  • The medical spray static spawns on the Crystal Lake Large map and the Packanack Large map will once again properly spawn medical sprays
    • Note: The location of static spawners for medical sprays have been adjusted on each map (including Crystal Lake Large and Packanack Large) for this patch and the previous patch.

Jarvis House

  • Fixed an issue where a car battery may spawn in an unreachable location


  • Fixed an issue where the boat may disappear upon exiting through any of the Pinehurst boat escape volumes

Single Player Challenges

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck when activating a stalker point while entering combat stance at the same time

Friday The 13th: The Game is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It was developed and published by Gun Media.

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