From Software’s New Project To Be Revealed At E3 2019 – Rumor

From Software will reveal a new game at E3 2019, according to a current rumor. They were already working on multiple projects but after the release of Sekiro, no one is expecting them to announce a new game anytime soon.

From Software has made a name for themselves this generation by releasing quality games one after another. Their games usually have a quick turnaround time and are mostly praised by critics. Sekiro was their latest effort which was a new IP and it turned out to be another great game.

There are now rumors suggesting that From Software is ready to show their next game at E3 2019 and it will be open world. This will be the first time they are working an open world game as they have previously relied on a more hub-like design for their games. Of course, is not confirmed by them so far but there have been leaks about their projects in the past including Bloodborne and Sekiro.

According to this rumor that was shared to reddit, the game will be multiplatform and revealed at E3 2019. It is not going to be Bloodborne sequel so you can drop any expectations for it right now. It can possibly be open world though, but we will have to wait and see if they show it at E3.

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