FTC Accuses Warner Bros. Of Bribing PewDiePie And Other Big Youtubers To Promote Their Game

In the past, we have seen many famous Youtubers, such as PewDiePie, promote video games on their channels. They are paid by companies to review and play the game on their channel. Many developers do this to advertise their games.

A recent press release by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) revealed, that Warner Bros. paid popular Youtubers to promote their upcoming game, Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor, back in 2014. The Youtubers reviewed the game on their Youtube channels and were paid thousands of dollars for those positive reviews. Youtubers were asked to share these videos on their twitter and facebook pages for more publicity. As a result, the game got very popular in a short period of time.

PewDiePie Featured

The Verge reported on this news and exposed Warner Bros. and big Youtubers, such as PewDiePie, for not adding a disclaimer to their videos. Youtubers are expected to add a disclaimer to the description of their videos when a video is sponsored by a company or developer.

This scandal, however, is completely incorrect and uses the Youtubers’ popularity as clickbait for their report. The videos were indeed sponsored by Warner Bros. and no one was bribed for the game’s promotion. The Youtuber proves that the story is a complete lie in this most recent video called The PewDiePie “Scandal”!!


In the video, he explains how he was falsely accused of not disclosing the video. The video shows that PewDiePie did add a disclaimer in the video’s description. He also stated that many other Youtubers were sponsored by Warner Bros. and they were not required to disclose whether the videos were sponsored or not. PewDiePie however, did disclose this information, even though he was not required to do so.

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