The most fun mini-games from Final Fantasy XIII-2’s Serendipity

Final Fantasy XIIi-2 featured Serendipity, a flying casino city that was intended to be the development team’s answer to Final Fantasy VII’s Golden Saucer. The city featured a bunch of neat mini-games that allowed players to take a break from the story and try something new.

Below are three of my favourite things to do in Serendipity:

Chocobo Racing

Not the first time Chocobo Racing has been featured in a Final Fantasy game but it is surely the definitive experience playing it in Serendipity.

The instructions are simple, choose a Chocobo from a list and race it to the end of the track. There’s also five difficulty levels with each giving their own rewards, the later difficulties are a real challenging experience.

The racing is not all that simple though as players can give their Chocobo’s items to certain actions which adds a tactical side to the races. Each Chocobo’s will also have their own skills to help them out in races.

Overall a really fun time waster which also gives you some great items to use in the game.

Slot Machines

Who doesn’t love a bit of slots? The Slot Machines are a great way to get items and money quickly. Some players even use rubber bands on their controllers to automatically play the mini-game because it’s so easy to win.

The slots also give you a chance to win the Luck Coin fragment, which is in my personal opinion the hardest to get in the game. You have to win 7,777 coins from the machine to get the fragment.

If you are interested in getting a better understanding of how online slots work, their odds and variables you might want to consult this excellent in-depth slot machine strategy guide.

The Item Eternal Crystal helps improve odds if available in the player’s inventory. It is obtained if you have save data from Final Fantasy XIII in your system.


Chronobind is a card game unlocked with the “Heads or Tails?” DLC. Sazh is the only one who can play this game.

The game is a unique rendition of Poker that uses the same 52 cards. You can make a ton of coins if you’re good at similar card games.

What are you favourite mini-games from the series? Let us know in the comments.”

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