Further hints pop-up as The Last of Us DLC announcement draws closer

As the date for The Last of Us DLC draws near, we are getting more hints towards what the DLC might be related to – in the form of further tweets.

Bruce Straley’s latest tweet again uses the hashtag #OutbreakDay further cementing the theory that the DLC might be set up on the day the Outbreak occured in The Last of Us. This was further followed by tweet from Naughty Dog co-president, which were retweeted by Neil Druckmann. You can read the tweets below



Neil Druckmann then further retweeted these random tweets with the #OutbreakDay hashtag


The thing that is common between all these tweets is that they are talking about doing some task on the fateful #OutbreakDay.

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Earlier Yesterday, Bruce Straley and Niel Druckmann had tweeted about #OutbreakDay and Neil shared a picture of a newspaper clearly showing the 26th September 2013 date. So it is all but confirmed now that we will be getting a single player DLC info soon.

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