Fused Zamasu Confirmed As Upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character

Bandai Namco has confirmed fused Zamasu will be joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ character roster as part of the Season Pass DLC. He is the 3rd confirmed character for the Dragon Ball FighterZ character pass that features a total of 8 new characters. The two DLC characters that have been released so far include Bardock and Broly.

To celebrate this announcement, Bandai Namco has also shared a short teaser video for Fused Zamasu which you can view in action below.

Highlighted in a new video, Fused Zamasu is born from the fusion of Goku Black and Future Zamasu through Potara earrings. Thanks to the Super Dragon Balls, Fused Zamasu has gained ultimate power and invincibility, making him the most devastating god of all time. His unlimited power also allows him to float in the air after his attacks and to move in any direction, making him a unique character to control. Divine Wrath, his Ultimate Attack, is a huge shot from his fingertip and is best used after a rush attack.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released in late January for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game was developed by Arc System Works and features gorgeous animated character sprites. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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