Future as the New Location for the New Battlefield Video Game?

In conjunction with Electronic Arts video game developers, EA DICE recently revealed the release dates for their new game off their beloved Battlefield series. The game titled Battlefield 2042 is slated for release on October 22, 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X as well as Series X.

According to critics, the new Battlefield has been dubbed as the most ambitious entry in the series. It is built with the latest Frostbite engine, with 128-player maps available on the existing consoles and PC, while a host of new weapons, vehicles and gadgets are also being introduced. The available trailers of the game even confirmed speculations about featuring a robot dog. It is just as fantastic as current games like Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways slots and others in the gambling realm. 

Setting of Battlefield 2042

Unlike its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is set in a dystopian future characterized by futuristic weapons, eccentric gadgets like drones, deployable turrets, and vehicles that the players can fully control. Players even have the option of airdropping vehicles at their sole convenience to any of the multiple locations the game is set in. This is a first for EA DICE, who have never played around with a near- future setting in any of their games. 

Additionally, critics concluded that the game’s setting is just contemporary enough for keen viewers to spot a number of weapons, vehicles, and map locations, which is exactly what this guide will do in the sections below.

This game is set in an area so close to calamity. Due to a lack of basic needs like food and water, a devastating refugee crisis occurs that threatens the survival of everyone there. The number of failed nations also rise and this worsens the situation. In the refugee camp, there is a group called “Non-Patriated” (No-Pats), individuals left with no nation to call home.  

The United States and Russia are the only nations left standing, but they are engaged in warfare in an attempt to control the scarce resources left in the world. The Non-Pats, in turn, decide to join sides so that they stay in. They get to have a say regardless of the side that emerges victoriously. The player takes the character of one of the No-Pats. The developers have referred to this video game as a ‘true evolution’ of the Battlefield franchise, and it is absolutely stunning, judging by the trailer. 

Battlefield 2042’s trailer

The first trailer of this game was released on the Battlefield reveal on June 9. EA DICE finally gave eager players a first and exclusive look at the game’s features. They were treated to a trailer that clued them in on just what they needed to expect when the game launched later in the year. 

The trailer shows how captivating this game will be. It shows helicopters under attack from tanks and they finally crash on sand dunes. 

There are also several soldiers engaging in the ground war. Gamers will also appreciate the Hourglass’ neon-clad skyscrapers with lifts to assist the characters to get to the topmost floor. Once there, the characters can take a daring zip line to other buildings or use the wingsuit to move to the next step. 

The trailer also introduces gamers to an exclusive look of Battlefield 2042’s chaotic weather firsthand, and it is expected that the weather will be a major pain for players. The footage shows a tornado ripping through the Hourglass map, devastating the property and people. These randomly generated world occurrences can either be something the players find interesting and edgy or something they may find corny and unnecessary.  

While one can choose to avoid the tornado in every way they can, such as through seeking refuge in skyscrapers, players could use the tornado to their advantage and frustrate their opponents.

The latest Battlefield game was also shown in a tech trailer during EA Play 2020. In this short clip, keen video gamers could appreciate various elements of the game, such as the large battalion of soldiers rushing into battle and the facial animations. Commenting during this event, Laura Miele, EA’s chief studios officer stated, “We are creating epic battles at a scale and fidelity, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.”

Battlefield 2042 Maps

The All Out War multiplayer experience of this video game will begin with 7 maps. Perhaps you may have noticed the seven maps on the trailer if you were attentive enough. Each of these maps portrays a different country, ranging from highly populated towns and cities, the close to inhabitable deserts, to oil rigs based in Antarctica.

DICE pointed out that the maps in Battlefield 2042 are generally more extensive than those in previous Battlefield games to ensure the large player count is well supported. However, the maps will vary, and as a result, players will be able to choose one map from among the many available options that fit their preferences. 

All maps in Battlefield 2042 feature several points of interest designed to help keep the players stay focused. Beyond these clusters, players can expect to get into smaller, more personal wars, but they will also have the opportunity to devise new plans to strike their enemies.

However, you must remember that the 128-player modes only function seamlessly on Xbox Series X/S, PCs, and PlayStation 5. The older models such as PS4 and Xbox One consoles possess the same maps, but they stick to the 64-player limit that those limited versions of the game will offer. Hence, you may need to have the latest consoles for the ultimate Battle 2042 experience.

Besides, DICE categorically stated that the last-gen versions will still have the same features as the Series X/S, PS5, and PC versions have. These include but are not limited to the extreme weather events that can happen throughout a game. We definitely cannot wait for October to experience this one-of-a-kind game.

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