In-Game shortcut menu revealed for Xbox One in IGN’s Dead Rising 3 video

IGN recently released a new video that showed the beginning 20 minutes of Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One.

In this new video, there was a single instance where we saw the short cut menu for in-game commands using Kinect, when somehow they accidentally opened it during their playthrough of the game. You can check out this short-cut menu below.

The menu shows some basic commands like return back to home as “Go Home”, recording a video as “Record that”, Inviting a friend as “Invite”, Switching to and fro from various apps as “Go back” and “Go to <app name>”. It also shows the default Bing search by Microsoft, that can be called any time by “Bing” command or showing the main menu as “Show menu” and watching the television as “Watch TV”.

Additionally, you can also change user accounts i.e sign in into your profile by shouting “Sign in as <your name>”. From what it appears, you can add more shortcuts here.

What do you think of the addition of this shortcut menu? Do you like this feature? Let us know in the comment below.

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