Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Review (PS4)

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords picks up right after the shocking conclusion of Episode 1. Episode 2 sees the player taking control of the members of the Forrester family including Asher Forrester and Rodrick Forrester. This is also the first episode where we finally get to meet Jon Snow from the show.

Episode 2 is mostly focused on the tale of Rodrick Forrester while showing us a glimpse of the life of Asher Forrester, who is on his way back to home after the death of his father. As it turns out from Episode 1, Rodrick Forrester is the only one who has managed to survive the massacre of Forrester army at the event of the Red Wedding. He manages to stay alive and has to deal with the events surrounding the death of his father and little brother.


Just like Episode 1, the story in Episode 2 has us taking control of multiple characters. The game’s story runs in parallel with the show as we get to see Margaey Tyrell prepare for his wedding with the king Joffrey. Each of the story sequence is then followed afterwards from the perspective of another character. Sadly, the writing of this episode is not that great, and fails to catch on the writing of the show. The episode is also rather dull with lack of good moments and mostly deals with a story that could be considered a filler.

In addition to the introduction of Rodrick and Asher Forrester, we also get to play as the two continuing characters: Mira Forrester and Gared Tuttle. Mira remains closer to Margaey Tyrell and seeks help for restoring his family name. Gared Tuttle continues his journey to Night’s Watch and has to prove his worth there.


The most interesting character this time around is Gared Tuttle. Upon reaching Night’s Watch, Gared Tuttle has to prove that he is worthy of being a ranger. The players are also greeted with a cameo from John Snow, which unfortunately isn’t as exciting as it sounds. Tuttle’s scenario has the right mix of action and story that manages to keep this Episode interesting for the most part.

Rodrick Forrester, meanwhile, is on pace for a recovery but has to take charge of his House in order to keep it safe from the clutches of Ramsay Bolton. Mira Forrestor on the other hand tries her best to save her family and in that process, become a target and narrowly escapes an assassination.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Review (PS4)


Games of Thrones Episode 2 is a rather slow burn type of Episode which takes it sweet time in establishing the new characters, as well continuing the story of the returning characters. Unfortunately it doesn't really stand as anything special in term of the story, making it a weak follow-up from Episode 1.


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