GAME UK Address PS4 Cancellation Issues, Assures That Everyone’s PS4 Pre-Order “Is Safe”

Recently it was reported that GAME UK was cancelling PlayStation 4 pre-orders of customers without any explanation. This issue was first raised on the PlayStation Forums and was then revealed that the issue was not isolated but was indeed widespread with several customers receiving the mail which stated that their PlayStation 4 pre-order was cancelled.

This move infuriated a lot of customers who were waiting for the delivery to be on the launch day. GAME UK later tweeted that those who are having issues with the PS4 Launch orders should dispatch them an email as the issue can be fixed.

Today, GAME UK tweeted that anyone who is having issues with the PS4 launch orders shouldn’t worry and that their console is safe, even those who got the cancellation email from GAME UK.

So rest assured, your pre-order is safe and will be with you on launch day. If you are still having issues, you can email or tweet GAME UK about the issue or any inquiries regarding it.

Did you pre-order your PlayStation 4 from GAME UK? Were you one of the ones who received a cancellation email from GAME UK? Let us know in the comments below.

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