Gamestop is giving out free early access to Beyond Two Souls demo

Gamespot seems to have been giving early access to Beyond Two Souls demo. The codes are available on first come, first serve basis so get them while they last.

To avail these codes, you need to go to this Gamestop Facebook page and “Like” it. A public demo is scheduled to release on 1st October so even if you miss this one, you can wait until that time to get your hands on the public demo. This is just a early access to the demo, you will be able to play it 1 weeks before the others, isn’t it cool?


Beyond Two souls is the next game from David Cage, who is famous for Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. It is coming this October exclusively for PlayStation 3. If you are still skeptical over getting the game, perhaps this demo can help you decide better. A public demo is scheduled to be released before the game’s launch on October 1st.

Heavy Rain was a critical and commercial success and generated more than $100 million in sales. It was also a PlayStation 3 exclusive and was well known for it’s abundance of quick time events. David Cage has promised to minimize quick time events for Beyond Two Souls and give player more direct control of the character.

Beyond Two souls also stars Ellen Page and William Dafoe, both of whom are well known Hollywood stars. The budget for Beyond Two Souls is estimated to be $27 million and by looking at the sales for Heavy Rain, Sony can definitely break even if this one also succeeds.

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