Gaming on the Go: Why Tablets are emerging as the Number one Device among Players

Since their inception, tablets have not innovated to the level that some experts may have anticipated. This is in stark contrast to smartphones, which have evolved considerably since the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 and developed in line with the proliferation of the mobile app market.

This trend is beginning to change, however, with tablets finally evolving to target specific user demographics and push brand new boundaries. More specifically, new tablets such as the excellent Nvidia Shield and Acer Predator 8 have been designed to suit the needs of dedicated gamers who have committed to the mobile platform.

It was the Nvidia Shield that started this trend, launched as the world’s first dedicated gaming tablet in the summer of 2014. It subsequent popularity and excellence has blazed a trail for others to follow, with Acer’s new Predator tablet also targeting gamers and offering an enhanced gameplay experience. There is an eight-inch, 1080p display, for example, alongside a powerful Intel Atom processor for an optimised performance.


There have been considerable efforts to distinguish the new Predator tablet from the Nvidia Shield, however, while it has also avoided seeking to compete with the former’s incredible graphics performance, While the new tablet has excellent graphical representation, it has instead focused on optimising the audio quality of the device and currently claims to be the loudest gaming tablet in the global market. This offers it a distinct edge, while opening the door for additional brands to enter the marketplace.

Its designers have also taken the step of making the device practically suited to the needs of gamers, incorporating rear-mounted grips for comfort and haptic motors to add a new, tactile dimension.


These elements are important, as they elevate dedicated gaming tablets above those that are simply incorporating components to create a diverse device with mass-market appeal. The vast majority of modern tablets include the Nvidia graphics card, for example, which enhances the visual performance of the device and is ideally suited to episodic adventure games. As standard tablets continue to evolve their gaming capabilities, dedicated devices must do more to capture their chosen market.

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