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Tomorrow I’ll be heading down to Rezzed which involves me spending around two hours on a train so of course I’ll need something to do. I actually spend quite a lot of time on trains, going to and from work, so I find myself on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) a lot, exploring as many games as I can. These are the top five as I’ve encountered them up to now.

Of course this list is subjective. These are the best that I’ve played and how I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve no doubt that I’ve missed out on some excellent games that I will get around to buying and playing eventually, but until then this is how it stands:

5 – Chess

Chess screeny

The game of kings. We all know what Chess is. It’s very easy to pick up and always difficult to master, with countless strategies and counter strategies it’s always a different game every time you play. Of course this is better when facing a human opponent, but the AI is reasonable too. You can spend many a time just playing Chess and leaning more and more.

4 – Subway Surf Subway Surf screeny

Subway Surf is one I never thought I could, or would, like. It’s the ideal example of a game pushing you into buying instead of playing. It’s simple and easy, you are constantly running forward. Swipe right to move right, swipe left to move left. Down to roll, up to jump. Don’t run into a train, wall or barricade and collect coins and other pickups along the way. It manages to keep things interesting by the pickups offering you anything from boots that let you jump a train, or a jetpack as well as a number of different character skins if that appeals to you. The only downside is, you will either have to fork out cash for some things or just play the hell out of it.

3 – The Bard’s Tale

Bards Tale Screeny


This is a bit of an unfair addition. The Bards Tale is by no means a mobile game like the others, this is the self same game that was released on the PS2 and Xbox nine years ago and the PC eight years ago. An outstandingly funny parody of all that is RPG, with interesting characters, a decent story and jam-packed full of laughs. This is one that you just cannot go wrong with, so long as you’re happy to endure the first hour or two.

2 – FIM Speedway GP

FIM Speedway GP Screeny

 This is a bit of an iffy one to say the least. Very few people know about speedway, and that’s putting it mildly. To put it simple, you’re on a fast bike, going around an oval track and you want to be in front after four laps. There’s passing, crashing and a lot of excitement. The series has improved a lot after the 2012 edition released but 2011 still ranks as my top as it allowed a more tactical approach in riding. Still, it’s improving and hopefully next year hits the top.

1 – Football Manager Handheld

Football Manager Handheld Screeny

Of course it’s number one! What self respecting list of both a football fan and a lover of strategy/sim games can leave out Football Manager? Either the fully-fledged PC version or the smaller, but still exceptional, mobile version will give you an endless amount of fun.

FMH has passed many a hour away for me. According to my profile screen I have spent just over forty-five hours in my current game as the manager of Hinckley United and this isn’t my first game created. What makes this so exceptional is that the excitement is still there, the thrill of making a late-time comeback, the tension of a penalty shootout. It was only three days ago I was in a penalty shootout to get to the quarter-finals of the Johnstone Paint Trophy, it was down to the last penalty and it went in. I actually had a little cheer on a crowded tram as I was heading to work which drew a few funny looks. Not that I cared, after a tense battle that led to an even tenser set of penalties, I was through and a wave of euphoria spread over me. I am the manager of Hinckley and we will reach the Premier League.

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