Gearbox Makes Fun Of Their Aliens: CM Typo With Job Listing For ‘Programming Copy Editor’

Aliens: Colonial Marines suffered from a brain-dead AI at launch. This was later discovered to be the work of a typo that was made by a programmer, who wrote ‘tether’ as ‘teather’ in the game’s code. It might not be the only issue with the behavior of the AI but once it was fixed by modders, the game seemed to perform better with this fix.

Gearbox Software in a self-depreciating manner has posted a job opening for a ‘Programming Copy Editor’ that requires to “Review all code for typos.” This job opening was posted on Bamboo HR by Gearbox Software.

Here is what is required for this job opening. It mostly related to fixing typos in the game’s code.

Programming Copy Editor

Gearbox Software is looking for a capable and driven full-time engineer to review all code for typos.


  • Review all code for typos. Just that.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Enjoys finding typos.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Click apply and pass the rigorous questionnaire located on the application.

When you select apply to this job, you get a contact form with the final text box reading “Please respond with the correct spelling: tether or teather.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines was largely criticized not just for its AI but also for manipulating gameplay footage that was never a representation of the final game. The early footage of the game was promising but the end result was a disappointing experience where the issue with AI was just one of the many problems with the game.

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