Gears 5 Title Update 4 January 21 Patch Notes

Gears 5 Title Update 4 will be out on January 21 for PC through Steam and Windows 10 and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Gears 5 title update 4 implements updates for the Gnasher, Omen, and characters. There are plenty of fixes and improvements included in the update as well. Get the details for it below.

Gears 5 Title Update 4 January 21 Patch Notes

Gnasher Updates

  • Addressed an issue causing hip-fire bullet magnetism to be incorrectly calculated, impacting consistency. NOTE: This arrives in Live Update 1 scheduled for ~1pm PT on Tuesday. This will not be active with the release of the TU at 10am.
  • Fixed a bug causing bullet magnetism to be disabled on hip-fire when using a mouse

Omen Updates

  • Added new ‘Simple’ Omen Option
  • Added a menu toggle between Simple (new) and Immersive (existing) Omen options
  • Reduced overall redness for Immersive Omen
  • Added new unique damage indicators for receiving active damage on the Omen
  • Damage indicators will now fade immediately upon removal of an incoming threat (e.g. Enemy shooting you was killed). The most recent damage indicator will otherwise remain on the Omen until health has started regenerating
  • Fixed an issue that hid the Omen momentarily when being grabbed as a meatshield
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Omen to flicker with dynamic resolution changes

Gameplay Updates

  • Added a 0.25 second delay before being able to melee after firing
  • FFA: DBNO Self Revive Time lowered to 8s (4s if tapping) – was 15s (7.5s if tapping)
  • FFA: Removed one magazine from Overkill ammo on pickup
  • FFA: Increased respawn time for Breaker Mace and heavy weapons to 120s (was 60s)
  • Arcade Blitz: Hills now drain points very slowly when uncapped, rather than never draining
  • Escalation: Weapons can now be placed at half-time


  • Kantus added to character roster
  • Baird’s Global Sentry Upgrade card no longer effects Baird’s weapons
  • Baird’s Experimental Weapons card no longer applies to heavy weapons
  • Lahni’s Shock Chain card now functions correctly again


  • Icebound: New geometry changes, weapon layouts and ring updates to improve gameplay
  • The Pit: When scoping with a Longshot on a slide, the scope will now appear and accurately show where your shot will land
  • The Pit: Fixed an issue that could cause players on slides to float / fly or move erratically

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added Estimated Wait Times for playlists
  • Added stats for FFA Quickplay and Arcade Blitz
  • Added a ‘Mark All Viewed’ button to Customization menus
  • Fixed an issue where users would sometimes not be able to finish a Hive playthrough on Map Builder when verifying with more than one user
  • Fixed an issue causing global chat to not display for both teams
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the front-end menus to enter into a broken state if a lobby dissolves immediately
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the step-down animation from playing when a user cover slipped over a drop down
  • Fixed an issue where LTing with a heavy weapon near High Cover would drag the player into cover leaving them unable to LT
  • Meatshields can now be grenade tagged by opponents
  • Added messaging to alert users to already owned content when viewing bundles (such as the Operation 2 Bundle)
  • Horde: Resolved a bug that could cause Level 4 MG / Shock Sentries or Weapons Lockers to be unable to be picked up after being healed and then placed inside a piece of cover
  • Horde: Fixed an issue that could cause a user to be unable to move after being saved by Jack from a DBNO struggle with an enemy
  • Horde: Fixed an issue that could cause negative damage values in the scoreboard
  • Guardian: Players who Join In Progress or Rejoin will now be able to respawn if their leader is alive
  • Tiles: Minor fixes to address LOD and lighting issues on a number of tiles
  • Keyboard: Key binding any movement, combat or actions to “K” will now work on Allfather’s Arena
  • PC: Fixed a crash that could occur shortly after launch
  • Campaign: Fixed an issue where the Skiff could become stuck if mounted too quickly after killing enemies at the lower bridge controls in Vasgar
  • Campaign: Fixed an issue where the Skiff could get stuck in the air in Vasgar
  • Campaign: Fixed an issue that could cause infinite loading after the end credits
  • Versus: Improved lighting on the MVP screen
  • Accessibility: Narrator will now mention options to quit or change profile in the menus.
  • Accessibility: Narrator will now specify the player’s MP level when reading out the number

Gears 5 is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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