Gears of War 4 dev want to “push the campaign futher” in Sequel

It seems that Gears of War 4 has adopted a strategy that requires minimum innovation and is sticking to the tried formula that proved successful in the first trilogy. The Coalition, developer of this Gears of War has reintroduced many elements from the previous games, such as, the ‘Dropshot’ weapon that fires explosive drills and the ‘Buzzkill’ which fires ricocheting saw blades.

Players can knock the enemies off balance by performing a short distance shoulder charge, while the enemies can also perform their own take downs by pulling players out of their covers. Other than this, the game features four main categories of weather ranging from a heavy breeze to intense windstorms that seriously affect combat and weapon usage.


Rod Fergusson, The Coalition Studio’s head, explained that they had been considering some innovative ideas for the game, but wanted to prove themselves before pursuing those ideas.

In an interview with Eurogamer, he also mentioned that there is room now “to push the campaign further, mess with the formula a little bit, because people will just see it as the natural growth of our game, versus messing with it in order to mess with it”. This is a good news for all those players who want new content of sequels for this game.


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