Gears of War 5 Will Run At 4K And 60 FPS On Xbox One X In Both SP And MP Mode

Gears of War director Rod Fergusson has confirmed some details around the game. First, if you haven’t noticed the name of the game, it was titled as Gears 5 which is a departure from Gears of War 4. This has now been confirmed by Rod Fergusson to be the official title and he explained his reasoning behind this decision on Twitter.

“Gears of War is still the franchise name but now that we’re doing a family of products it made more sense to shorten the titles down – Gears Pop, Gears Tactics & Gears 5. Plus we always just call it Gears anyway so it feels good to simplify, ” said Fergusson in a Tweet.

In a separate interview with Wired, he confirmed the technical details for the game running on Xbox One X. Unlike Gears of War 4, which runs at 30 FPS on the Xbox One X in its single-player mode, the upcoming sequel will offer support for 60 FPS running at native 4K in both SP and MP mode.

Our target is always 60fps, and we believe – with everything we’ve done, the learning we’ve taken from Gears 4, and the optimizations we’ve been able to do beyond that – that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing, 60fps at 4K. The new technology of this generation has been fantastic.

Gears of War 5 is currently set to launch sometime later in 2019. It is confirmed for the Xbox One and PC.

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