Gears of War 4 Celebrates Halloween With New Gear Pack And Game Mode

In celebration of the Halloween season, many game developers are celebrating Halloween with their players. Launching Halloween events for their games, like Destiny’s Festival of the Lost, and the upcoming GTA V Halloween event. Now Gears of War is doing the same.

The Coalition is also celebrating Halloween by releasing a new Gear pack, alongside the new game mode for Gears of War 4. They have added a new game mode called Pumpkin Ball to the game. Pumpkin Ball will reward extra XP so its a great way to level up.


Pumpkin Ball is the Gears of War version of Dodge Ball. In the new game mode, respawn timers have been reduced to 1 second, making the game mode very hectic and action-packed. Coalition has also made changes to the social playlist, by adding five of the darker maps, Fallout, Forge, Harbor, Impact, and Lift, from the Gears of War multiplayer.

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The Coalition is also releasing a new Halloween themed Gear Pack called the Halloween Elite Pack. In the Halloween Elite Pack, players are guaranteed a Legendary or Epic card. You will be able to purchase these Halloween Elite Packs until November 1st, so buy them while they are available.

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