Gears of War Dev Denies Marcus Fenix Collection Rumor, Confirms Multiple Projects

Rod Fergusson is the studio manager at Black Tusk Studios, the developers working on a new Gears of War, and he has confirmed that they aren’t working on a Marcus Fenix Collection for the Xbox One.

Marcus Fenix Collection rumor originated on reddit where one user shared his conversation from Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, in which he declined to comment on a possible Gears of War collection for the Xbox One, but he also added that they might look into it.


Once the rumor was out in the wild, it didn’t take too long for the Studio Manager at Black Tusk Studios, Rod Fergusson, to respond to it and he confirmed that they are not working on such a trilogy for the Xbox One.

He added that while this rumor might be false, they are currently working on multiple projects in the Gears of War series. He confirmed that we might get a glimpse at them in the upcoming E3.

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