Gears of War Ultimate Edition Confirmed For Xbox One, Releasing On August 25th

Microsoft confirmed the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War for the Xbox One today at their E3 2015 conference. This new version of Gears of War will run at 1080p and 60 fps and feature most of the extra content from the PC version of the game.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was leaked ahead of the announcement with the private beta of the game, when some users uploaded their gameplay videos through Xbox One despite being under NDA. This leak was then further confirmed by the description seen on the official website of Gears of War. The Russian version of the official website gave away some of the info including an August 25th release date and confirmed that the game will run at 60 fps on the Xbox One.

The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson revealed the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War at Microsoft’s E3 2015 conference and also dropped the news that a public beta of the game will be available for free on the Xbox One starting today.

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